May 10, 2011

I Never Met Ray - Andrew M

I never met Ray.

18mths ago I picked up Andrews book IAG as I was preparing for the big trip – flying to LAX to ride across the USA with some close mates. I couldn’t put the book down. And when I did, I grabbed my wife and 3 little kids and loved them up like I hadn’t done before.

We did the ride and I shared the story about Ray with my mates one night – we all toasted Ray and made a pact to cherish our friendships. It was a wonderful experience and I thought of Ray often on the trip.

Ironically, I lost my youngest brother suddenly at a similar time of Rays passing. Like Ray, a wonderful, beautiful person. The pecking order is so wrong, but I can only imagine what an incredible place it be full of guys like bro and Ray. I don’t know why but last night I picked up IAG again and re read it. Only then did I notice the website.

I just wanted to let u know Ray has touched so many around the world.


Andrew M
Brisbane, Australia