April 01, 2011

Ray's memory is still with us at Bovis - Laura Guilfoyle

Dear Sophie and Rose,

I think of you so often.

Today I received a call from Joel Pickering, the founder of the Lend Lease Safety Academy, a 2-day intensive designed to change the way our employees, subcontractors and visitors think about safety, not just at work but in everything we do.

Joel wanted to know about Ray’s life and death to demonstrate that safety isn’t just reports and regulations. Tragedy has names, faces, stories and a family. I told him about Remembering Ray and Andrew’s book, and sent him a copy of the stickers we use on our hardhats and his obituary. Joel takes safety and the preciousness of life very seriously. He was very moved by how loved and admired Ray was—and still is. I know that by hearing about Ray, the people in the class will realize that there is no other choice but to take care of themselves and each other in the field, so that no other family has to experience what you have experienced.

At every safety event I attend I remember Ray, and remind people of you, and what you miss every day without him.

Love you,