February 25, 2012

Always With Us - Suzanne O'Neal

Today is the eighth year of our loss which seems like yesterday. Rarely does a day go by without some kind of thought of Ray. We have many pictures prominently shown in our little den which we are in every day and I often stop to talk with "Ray". Yes, I do believe he is with us. I have to know that he is constantly proud of his beautiful daughter, our grand daughter, Rose. I know he is her guardian angel and that all our love keeps him present with us though his physical presence is missed beyond comprehension. The pain is one of impossible cure but our pride in what a lovely and wonderful man he was gives warmth to our hearts.

Rosie, your daddy was one of the best humans in the world and a daddy beyond compare. Though you only had him in your life for a very short time, you have to always know he is with you and that his love for you is beyond compare. Hold him close to your heart and and talk to him anytime - as he is there for you anytime.


Your grandmother, Nonie