March 04, 2005

Martin Rambusch camera.gif

The real question coming up on February 25 2005 was how to capture and try to respectfully bring tribute to the memory of Ray

The real issue is that Ray was a dynamic multi faceted person who was easy going, fun loving, mature and ready to follow a whim, all at once

The resolution was to try and have some old friends, Ron, Tracey and Cosmo, and some new friends Andrew and Steve with kids in tow get together tip a few and remember Ray, and appreciate how he has continued to touch us since his passing as he did when he was here.

We had as a back drop Steve playing his pipes.

The haunting sound cut to my core

It had been a dark week which after some soft conversation, so great old story and a few beers, realized itself in a faster rhythm and end on the classic jiggy rhythm of a few friends together in person and in spirit

The beverages of course spanned our times together

Abita, a trip ray and I took during senior year, a story for another time
Anchor Steam
Sierra Nevada

Cheers to you my good friend