March 04, 2005

Rob Kraus

Every time I see a submission for Remembering Ray I go through a wave of emotions. Right now my strategy has been to forward them to my home email b/c it is so difficult to keep my emotions in check. Inevitably, I will stop what I am doing and read the passages that continue to pour in. I can't believe the outpouring of love and how Ray has affected so many people and so many ways. If I'm having a bad day I pop open of the Ray's submissions and I realize, it's not that bad. I can't recount the # of great memories I had of Shitty Ray (for those of you who don't know that nickname it was truly one of loving endearment).

I am on vacation in Colorado and reminded of the time Ray came to see me in Breckenridge only to discover that I had taken off on a drunken road trip to New Orleans 2 days prior. Most people would have been pissed, not Ray. He just settled in with my roommates and instantly made friends. Ray was an institution on the infamous Booze Cruises from Florida up the eastern seaboard. One of the finest compliments one can have is your parents acceptance of your friends - not only did my dad like Ray he was so impressed with him he hired him to work for him after college. That's the way Ray was - likeable, lovable, caring, free spirited and most of all the best friend one can have. I love ya Ray and miss your infamous woo woo more than you can imagine, your buddy Krauser