March 24, 2009

Warm Memories - Debbie Nevins

Today, March 24th, Tiff and I were enjoying a leisurely lunch in our living room in our Maryland home. There was a "feeling" of Ray about the room today. In fact there has been that feeling of Ray ever since his fateful accident. But today Ray's presence was everywhere. We looked at the picture of Ray and Tiff behind the wheel of Yankee, wind blowing, jacket collars raised high, and sheer joy and happiness shared by both. Another photo is of Ron, Ray, and Chet taken at Chet's rehearsal dinner party in Nassau...again the feeling of laughter, joy, and partnership. Tiff and I both felt this aura and re-read the Memoriam Poem that Chet wrote.

Sophie and Rose we want you to know how much we think of you. We are still your "Eastern" family. We miss you both and hope that you will find your way East to visit us this summer.