March 08, 2009

It's still All Good

i just re-re-read It's All Good on Rose's & my runaway - so incredible to hold a book in my hands filled with stories & pictures of Ray. Of course it's filled with stories of Andrew too, just as much, but that's great - it's amazing to me that those two managed to find each other, both the same mix of macho/bravado & utter goofiness - setting up dramatic photo shoots of themselves, c'mon. Andrew's remembered Ray is far more laconic than I think of my chatty question-man husband, and I reallllllly struggle with the image of him falling asleep at one point, the wrong point -- but that IS the point for me. These aren't my memories, these are Andrew's, and they add to our collective picture & knowledge of Ray. I can't thank Andrew enough, I hope everyone gets to read IAG.