March 01, 2005

John Collins camera.gif

Easter Sunday 2003

Ray had been invited during the winter to join our race crew for the coming spring and summer season.  Ray had not spent one day sailing on this boat (which was not his boat), but as was his nature, he insisted on joining us in the yard to put his time in "on the hard".  Ray cut out early from Easter dinner with his family, rode his motorcycle over to Richmond on a glorious spring day, and joyously spent the day inhaling sawdust and varnish fumes.  Ray understood what it meant to be part of something.  He never asked for, nor expected a free ride - even when it was offered without qualification.  This photo is from that day.  By the way, Ray helped crew the boat to several first place finishes that season!  A valuable crew member, and a precious friend and human being, I hope to always see him waiting on the docks, ready to jump on and face whatever may come.