March 01, 2005

George Rizzo camera.gif

While I wasn’t as close to Ray as some of the other guys, I recall spending one summer between semesters in NOLA working out at his uptown rental house (the one with the pool). He had a free weight bench and some dumbbells and we worked at it religiously. (I know, I know – what a surprise that I would have workout memories!!) Also, we would go out to ATIIs at night which in the summers which was infested with LSU kids back in the City for the summer. One night, some guy was talking to a girl I was interested in and Ray (without me asking) got into a scuffle with the guy. When they were separated, the guy had a bloody mouth and Ray had a cut over his eye in his eyebrow. We went back to his place and crashed not thinking much of the cut, but it turned out he needed stitches. But, that was Ray, no need to ask for his help, he would be there on his own accord. That type of selflessness does not commonly exist and certainly did not in college students in my day.

By the way – the girl is now my wife of 10 years and is expecting our second child in six weeks.