June 14, 2004

Anthony Delucia - Wedding San Fran Style

Here's a little something I "composed" after Ray's wedding. I rediscovered it while cleaning up my old computer.

Wedding San Fran Style

Off to San Fran we flew
To meet with the O’Neal Wedding Crew
To party, drink and eat
And to babysit Ron, no small feat
At Jeffie’s request
We toured the Haight
To see only Victorian houses
Was our fate
On the fourth we all did crowd
Typically rambunctious and loud
Pizza and beer was the fare
As fogworks lit up the night air
The next morn we sailed the bay
At the helm, was Shitty Ray
A breakfast of bagels, barley and oats
Followed by Cubans from our generous host
In tuxes at seven we did appear
It really would happen, it was clear
Sunburned but ready, did we stand
To witness Ray take Sophie’s hand
Off to the Green Room we did go
To dance, and celebrate the big show
The Menace and Sloppy performed their acts
Only the video has the true facts
So we left the City by the Bay
Looking forward to the next big wedding day