June 14, 2004

Martin Rambusch - Birthdays

Well last Friday was a ponderous day. It was the 38th anniversary of Ray's birth. A day that is hard for me to forget in that it is my birthday as well. I have been encouraged by my parents, you could read mother, in that it seems most family teaching is by mothers, that it is better to give then receive and that birthdays could become quite exciting days if we gave things on them to friends and family instead of receiving them. If you think about this it would make all year long a party of receiving things during the year sort of like a chain letter.

I was able though good fortune and luck to send something along to the girls from New Orleans to mark the day. I would hope that y'all could do the same. I am sure a call or a card would be much appreciated. I know that most days I am able to I check the site to see what has been written by whom, and see if any interesting or old photos have been sent in.

I would hope that as time moves along we can remember Ray in our own ways but remember as well that our friend is not here in body to support and shower Sophie and Rose with the love they are used to.