February 24, 2007

Janet Shaver - 3 Years Ago

My dear Ray,

It hasn’t been until this year that I have been able to mourn your loss. The first year that you left us was a blur of sadness combined with the necessary strength to get through the shock and crappy busy-work that ensued. The second year was just a hollow emptiness as the space cleared to feel the loss of you. And this year, I just straight-out mourn.

I miss you. I miss you calling me ‘Net…no one does that anymore. I miss what you were for my best friend every day that you were in her life. I miss your goofy smile and your pride & adoration of your daughter and your excitement over ever little thing that came across your path. I miss laughing about the silly things you did, and I miss how you would command a room simply by entering. I miss how the party would start just by you arriving.

Ray Ryan O’Neal. I miss you dearly, but am so happy to have known you.