July 12, 2006

Jane Mock - Lasting Impressions

Today at work I was looking through my bookmarks for a certain resource and flitted by "Remembering Ray."

Visiting this site and looking at all the great photos, and reading people's submissions is like getting a dose of a great "life force." Ray was a marvelous example of someone who reached out, took interest, made connections and, now, has left a legacy. I think it's true that we carry people inside of us, even when they're gone, and can hopefully model some of our intentions and actions after them. How fantastic, too, that people who didn't even know Ray have visited the site after being touched by the Chronicle notice! Talk about making an impression.

There are times when I remember the day I got the phone call about Ray's death. It's usually on some quiet and still night, and it just turns me inside-out to think what his last moments were like, and what Sophie endured. But I also remember--with much more frequency--the incredible acts of kindness and resourcefulness that I saw happening around Sophie and Rose in those days immediately following Ray's death. Kirsten, Janet, the Ford, O'Connell, O'Neal and Julien families, and more of Sophie's friends and neighbors stepped in and did the things--big, small and everything in between--that needed to be done. To me, this is such proof that we're never alone. A friend of mine lost a baby at the end of last year, and during that time, I was able to participate with others in giving a level of support that I don't think I would have understood had I not seen the exemplary people that Sophie had around her.

Rose, you're lucky to be part of an amazing tribe.

Well, I get to see Sophie tonight at Girls' Night, so I'll sign off now!