April 30, 2006

Andrew Daddo - It's All Good

I'm not really sure how to start here...

Funny that.

I rode across America with Ray a long time ago. A lifetime. No kids, no wives and probably not that many expectations. We were both heading west, Ray was stopping on the coast, I was searching for my own about a million miles further on. Back home. In Australia.

Like you, I was gutted to hear about Ray's death.

I was a long way away and unsure how to help. Somewhere in my brain, a penny dropped. I get the feeling it's dropped for everyone who's taken the time to write on this site.

I decided to write a letter to Rose about our ride. It was easy to start, "Dear Rose." was pretty obvious, but from there it got trickier. So over the next year or thereabouts, armed with photos, a road atlas and some memory, I did my best to get it down for Rose.

What began as a letter has become a book.

It's All Good.

It comes out tomorrow, Australia only, I'm afraid, but maybe it'll come to where you are, too.

Ray was a mate of mine. A "forever friend."

I trust It's All Good does him justice. I thank you, too for your memories, some of which I have borrowed to flesh out the book.


Andrew Daddo