July 05, 2005

8 years ago

Here's the first saved message on my voicemail at work:

Good morning my love, happy anniversary!

I just wanted you to walk into the office with the message

to let you know that being married to you has been one of the most wonderful things in my life

and it's just absolutely amazing the relationship that we have together

and then also the relationship that we have with our daughter as well


it's been absolutely amazing and

I'm looking forward to a wonderful lifetime together

alright baby

dig you


There are more. That was from our 3rd anniversary. Today would be our 8th.

I wish I knew how to turn them into a .wav file or something to share on this site, to hear his beautiful voice, so tender & full of love. They're so painful to listen to, but I'm grateful to have kept his voice, just a few of the many messages he left, almost all starting with "good morning my love" as he'd leave them while he was on his way to work, just calling to tell me he loved me. My husband. My love.

This is how I always felt
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on Yankee.jpg Our crew.jpg So happy.jpg

Our First Married Day
First married day.jpg