February 25, 2005

Margaret DeLucia

Dear Sophie, Rose, Ray, Suzanne, Vikki, extended family and friends,

Today has been a very difficult day for us.  I'm sure that your day has been the same and worse.  We took comfort in being together as a family.  Anthony took the day off from work and we did nothing and everything.  The kids played in the snow, we ate lots of food, watched videos of better days and cherished every moment.  The kids stayed up late and we stood back as parents marveling at what we have created.  Now that the kids have gone to bed, we sit here, sad and happy.  Sad that we can no longer share with Ray our "magic moments" as Ray had called them.  Anthony and Ray had a pact to share these moments with each other every month. It had to be one a month.  It could be watching a sunset, a new word from a child, learning how to jump- anything that would bring  pleasure to a parent and a child.  Anthony no longer has Ray to share these with so----- Sophie, you are our girl.  We want to hear everything Rose does.  And sorry for you, you will hear about all of our new Karate moves, dances and just down right silly moves.  We are committed to keep Ray's magic moments alive.

To Sophie, Rose, Ray and Suzanne, we love you with all our hearts and will always keep you close to our hearts.

Ray, we miss you and will try to always keep your dreams alive and know that you are always in our hearts and minds.

All our love,

Margaret, Anthony, Drew and Lexi