February 25, 2005

Peter Zvejnieks - Dos Gusanos

My memories from college are somewhat incomplete, but I do have one Rayism that sticks with me. Ray and I had many discussions regarding the hallucinogenic effects of tequila worms. I explained a theory that the worm ate the agave cactus and concentrated peyote like substances in its body, that is why they were hallucinogenic. Well Ray was more of an experimentalist than a theoretician. He found a type of tequila that had TWO worms, worm in spanish is gusano, hence the name of the tequila, Dos Gusanos. We even found airline size bottles of Dos Gusanos containing the promised worms. we had a running joke enunciating the name Dos Gusanos repeatedly. Despite fairly extensive experimentation our results were inconclusive regarding worm theory.

We all miss him.