February 10, 2005

Sophie - Valentine's and Carharts

I wrote this down a week or so ago, but wanted to scan the picture Rose drew so I could share it. But I haven't, and I decided not to wait, it's a story I wanted to tell, & I'll just add a photo later if I get it done. I wrote it all down right after she told me, so I could capture every word...

Rose gave me a card today. It was going to be my valentine's card, but she couldn't wait.

On it she drew a picture of a big tall building with lots of windows and one door, a very tall tree next to it, and 5 flowers growing next to the tree. A lot of fluffy clouds. On top of the building stood daddy -- broad shoulders, long legs, dark hair, and a huge smile -- it couldn't be anyone else. And she wrote: Dear mama I am sorry that Daddy is dead. To mama love rose.

When I opened the card she told me this story: "it's a picture of daddy on top of his building before he fell, and he was safe and alive, and then a big tree grew up next to the building so fast & daddy climbed down the tree and picked the flowers, and he jumped on his motorcycle and ran home and gave us the flowers, and we hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed him so much. And we were so happy. And then he stayed alive until he was really really really old with you. "

And that she wished her story was real, because "isn't that so much better?".

Our Rosebud. She's an amazing creature. She can read now! In English and Spanish, it's just come in a big rush. Of course I wondered when she asked me how to spell "dead". But for the most part she's a very sunny and happy child, she has so much of Ray's temperament it's a real joy for me. She asks questions of everyone she meets. She loves to build what they called 'contraptions'. She is very full of love.

Another Rose = Ray story -- 2 years ago for xmas my mom bought Rose her own pair of Carharts coveralls, just like daddy's. They were enormous, and have been on the shelf in her closet every since. A few months ago I remembered and dug them out. She eagerly tried them on, discovered to her delight that they now fit! and said (and I'm NOT making this up!) "mama, let's go to Home Depot! We can get some wood, and then we can go to the paint store & get some paint..." I laughed and cried so hard.