May 11, 2004

Martin Rambusch - Two Months Later camera.gif

As two sad months of reflection have come and gone I have slowly brought into focus a small hard crystalline nugget from the tragedy of Ray's passing and that is my friend and buddy from college was a craftsman and a builder. Not only do I mean his vocation but I mean his avocation. Ray quietly and almost in a sneaky way built things. It is curious that in thinking of him so many times these last few days this has finely dawned on me.

Who would have thought as we think of our so many Ray stories, that he was so meticulous and through in what he did. I remember us all gliding from day to day just moving along like the big river that was in our adopted college town of New Orleans.

If you slowly think of this realization it is hard not to see this quality in almost everything Ray did, in really an unknowing way. Ray was polite, saying hello and checking in a slow and real way. Ray sensed what needed to be done often before it was required. Without his timely flower delivery, with his dirty laundry I might add, he would probably be in the same outfit. And all you have to do is read, on this wonderful site, of Ray’s impact on us still today to realize he has challenged us in the quality and action of our lives, our words and our actions. See what I mean his still is quite sneaky with the crafting of his environment.

Although we can only supplement his support of Rose and Sophie he has created a fine foundation for them now and into the future. A loving tireless champion, that they without question, will always looking out for them now as he did today and in an ironic shift he has left us to act as his angels here. Quite a task before us but in small amounts a heavy task can be accomplished by many.

Peace Ray, I check in with you every day on line and end the day thinking of you and how I am doing as your assistant. Thanks for the job, it is one that I will cherish and hope to master in the future.

Martin 6-11-66

N.B I was just in New Orleans and took a few photos of two of Ray’s residences

The Delt house where he roomed with Frank and 8443 Panola where I lived with Ray, John Ryan, and Peter Lusk