March 10, 2004

Anthony DeLucia

Read at Ray's Memorial Service

Rayís Legacy

As we reflect on Rayís passing it is easier to think about what we have all lost as opposed to what we have all gained from knowing him.

Ray would not have us remember his death, or to mourn him, but to use his example of living to more fully enrich our lives and those of the all the people we love.

Ray would want us to remember some of the basic values and life long guidelines he lived by. These are the things Ray would like us not only to incorporate into our lives but to pass on to those that are closest to us. He may have not realized he passed these values and guidelines to everyone he met. But none the less, these are most certainly his legacy.

Treat every day as a treasure.

Treat your children as a treasure. Cherish them and make every moment magic. There is nothing more important than a magic moment with a child.

Have a warm smile and a friendly greeting for everyone you see. Your smile and friendliness last forever, an encounter lives only for a moment.

Begin every day as it may be your only day on earth. Even if it is not, you will be rewarded when you have spent it well.

Tell those that you love, exactly that. And tell them often.

Keep in touch with those who have had a part in your life. A moment of contact can last a lifetime.

In a moment of resentment or anger remember that we are blessed to be on this earth. Give the other person the benefit of the doubt.

When doing for yourself, always remember to do for others as well. You will be rewarded.

It is always better to give, before you receive. Your undertakings and efforts on the behalf of others always bring back blessings in abundance.

Give love and life to all those you know.

When in the presence of a friend give him or her your utmost attention. You donít know when youíll have the opportunity to connect with them in the future.

If you canít be with the ones you love, keep them in your thoughts and your heart. Love goes far beyond conversations and meetings. People you love and respect are with you always, not only when you meet or speak with them.

Keep your eyes on the important things in life, family, friends, children and the happiness they bring you. Donít dwell on the little obstacles and problems that keep you from that focus.

Remember to derive the utmost joy from every experience. Life is a collection of experiences and each is meant to be savored.

Strive to produce and enjoy lifeís bounty. God gives all of us multiple experiences and joy on a daily basis. Learn to appreciate his gifts.

When faced with daily problems and dilemmas, appreciate your life. Our time is short and we should enjoy every moment.

Ray god bless you for all you have given us and all you will continue to give us for our lives and the lives of our children.

We love you and will continue to love you and pass on your friendship, wisdom and zest for life.

God has gained a great friend in heaven, but our friend will remain forever in our hearts.

Whenever you are feeling down, or low, look up and know that Ray is there with you with the same support and love that he always bestowed upon all those that were blessed to meet him and have his friendship and love showered on them.

You will always be in my mind and more certainly in my heart.

God speed and God Bless my friend.

Your friend always,