March 05, 2004

Rob Kraus camera.gif

As I sit here and try to put some thoughts down I canít help but feel an overwhelming sense of loss and sadness, I know thatís not the way Ray would have wanted it but looking at the pictures on this website just makes you wonder Why? I can only remember Shitty Ray and crack a smile. He was so full of life and love and happiness. Always smiling and always up--- He was the only man I knew who could eat a beer. I can still hear him shout a good WOO WOO as I think back on the incredible times we shared together, in college, on the infamous booze cruises or in the beginning of his professional life where he went to go work for my dad for a period of time. New Jersey wasnít for Ray. The adventurer he was he bought a bike and moved out west where he belonged. Iíll miss you Ray but I will never forget the great memories and times we shared together.

We will meet again, love Krasuer